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Online Price: $7.99 EA

Olive Oil is produced only once a year during the winter months. This product is obtained from my own olive groves in Chania (Han-e-a’h) Crete. I travel to Greece every year in March to personally oversee the quality of the olive oil being processed to assure that it is the finest available on the market today. When extra virgin olive oil is new and fresh it can also be considered “light” olive oil. As it ages the acidity level increases and becomes heavier in taste & smell, eventually becoming rancid. This is why it is so important for olive oil to have an expiration date clearly marked on the container.

We have sold over 25 tons of our olive oil since we began importing it over 7 years ago. According to feedback our customers love the product. We have hundreds of loyal, enthusiastic patrons who recommend the olive oil to other customers.

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