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Online Price: $8.49 LB
Now coming from the cold waters of the Antarctic especially for you Royal Red Shrimp Lovers! Yes, Royal Reds are very tasty. They taste between shrimp, lobster, and snow crab meat. The difference stops there. They are a very very delicate Shrimp. Royal Reds are caught in waters that are 1800 to 3000 feet deep. I believe that is what makes them so delicate.

For cooking Royal Reds I suggest bringing the water to a boil with seasonings, then add the shrimp. Once in the water do not leave in a second longer than two minutes by your watch. I prefer a minute and a half. Remove them from the water and cool. They will be perfect. Boiling to me is preferred over steaming. Steaming tends to shrink up the shrimp beyond belief. Here at Joe Patti's I have decided to quit steaming the Royal Reds due to the fact that we cannot control the cooking if done with steam.

If for any reason, you have a need to know more about Royal Reds, or any Shrimp for that matter, please call me and I will be happy to guide you along.

- Frank Patti

Our shrimp may be cooked numerous ways. They are great boiled, fried, steamed, grilled, blackened and barbecued. Our JP Dipping Oil is the perfect additive to these Royal Red's with the right mix of olive oil, parmesan cheese and garlic. Be sure to order your favorite crab boil, lemon herb butter, or marinade. All shrimp is frozen fresh at sea.

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