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Online Price: $16.29 LB
With its orange washed rind and buttery consistency, this decadent triple-cream soft-ripened cheese provides an attractive appearance on any table with its distinct orange tint on the outer edge and the white brie mold on top. But Rougette has a taste all its own, ready to be discovered. When served on your next gathering, your family and friends will love the sweet, buttery taste spread on crackers or bread! Treat yourself and your guests to this lush, spreadable cheese!

It is best eaten at room temperature and paired with fruits such as mangos, kiwis and strawberries. It also pairs well with pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts. Rougette is a perfect cheese to melt on top of food: try it melted on your steak or slice of bread. For a delicious side dish, place Rougette on top of sliced cooked potatoes and pop the dish into the oven to let the cheese melt.

Goes great with a spicy wine, Champagne, as well as medium- to full-bodied varieties.

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