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Our Live lobsters come from the North East. There is a big difference with Lobsters. There are new shells, indicating a new crop. Normally they start out pretty much as chicks. An average new shell lobster is about a pound. They grow in size and the shell will begin to firm up and the lobster will fill out with about 70% of meat, with some water in the claw itself. Sometimes we purchase them to make lobster meat.
Now comes the hard shells. You can tell hard shells by pressing on the shell. The shell will be hard, unlike the young new shells or even the medium shells. Hard shells cost more, but you actually receive more for the money. We strive to purchase all hard shells. They taste better, the shell is full, and the claws are fuller with little or no water.
One way to tell a new shell or a medium shell from a hard shell in the tank is to look at the bottom of the claw. If it is a new shell it will be void of scratches and barnacles. An old shell will be pretty much scratched and scarred up. That will be a good lobster for eating. This is just a little we know about lobsters. We buy and sell hard shells. No matter who you order lobsters from, ask for hard shells.

-Frank Patti

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